2020 Winners

Melbourne International Spirits Competition Announces 2020 Winners

Thank you to all the brands who came out for our 7th successful year! 

200+ Submissions
10+ Countries
50+ Categories
The 7th Annual Melbourne International Spirits Competition

The Melbourne International Spirits Competition was excited with the quality and number of submissions we received in our 7th year. Over 200 submissions from around the world were judged by our trade buyer judges remotely. We look forward to the 8th Annual MISC being held in 2021!

Gold Medal

21st Century Distillery
Bolda Spirits Venetian Kiss

ALDI Stores (Aust)
Greyson’s Spiced Apple & Winter Berry Gin

Aver Dawson Liquor Group
Neft Vodka 

batch10 Spirits
batch10 Honey Bourbon

Beverages By Design
Mister Mixer Passionfruit Caprioksa

Cierto Spirits Inc.
Cierto Tequila Private Collection – Blanco
Cierto Tequila Private Collection -Reposado

Coles High Commissioner Blended Scotch Whisky

EDC Eastern Drinks Company Limited
Medoff Classic

Garrison Brothers
Garrison Brothers Small Batch

Gypsy Hub
The Craft & Co Collingwood Dry Gin
The Craft & Co Navy Strength Gin

Japanese Quality Whisky Society P/L
Amahagan World Malt No. 3 Mizunara Wood Finish
Xenon Xe54 Vodka

Lord Howe Island Brewing Co Pty Ltd
Lord Howe Island Distilling Co. Wild Lemon Vodka

Milton Rum Distillery
Spanish Inspired Silver

Mt. Uncle Distillery
Mt. Uncle Distillery Watkins Whisky Co. Single Malt Whisky

RHS LLC Royal Hawaii Spirits Distillery
RHS Royal Hawaii Spirits Pineapple Spirit

Rum Co of Fiji
RUM Co. of Fiji Bati Fijian 2yr Dark Rum

Uncle Nearest
Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey
Uncle Nearest 1820 Single Barrel Whiskey

Vittorio Spirits
Vittorio Spirits Tsipouro Traditional Platinum Drop

Wolf Lane Distillery
Wolf Lane Distillery  The Barista

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